The majority of contact records in a large database become unusable within a few years unless one painstakingly maintains them. The Updentity plugin refreshes and appends email addresses, cell and landline phone numbers, mailing addresses, and more as a subscription.

How does
a company you have never heard of build
software you have never seen
to connect the world?

Picture this...
  • A community foundation reducing homelessness
  • A youth agency expanding educational opportunities for children
  • A small town recovering from a natural disaster
  • A college adding a new program to inspire the leaders of tomorrow

Our vision is to enable relationships that contribute to the greater good through improved ability to communicate. Organizations and businesses continuously face the problem that the majority of contacts in their database will become obsolete. They must be actively, painstakingly monitored for changes in email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, names, and other information about people. The sophisticated algorithms behind the Updentity® platform by Bashpole Software, Inc. regularly refresh contact data with data from the web, social networks, and third party sources, enabling long term relationships.

So, more complete and up to date contact info enables better communication which empowers the...
  • community foundation to surpass its campaign goals
  • youth agency to deliver educational programs faster
  • survivors of a natural disaster receive supplies sooner
  • college to expand educational opportunities

At Bashpole, we help the world through the positive ripple effects of the research and development we perform. Our products facilitate stronger communication, better delivery of services and programs, increased mission fulfillment, enhanced endowments, and long lasting relationships. We take a bold, optimistic view of what software can achieve for the betterment of the human experience. Our mission is to keep the world’s data up to date. We are smart, fun, and kick asterisks.

Yes, we think big. Bashpole Means Bold™ .

Benjamin C. Ashpole, CEO

Benjamin Ashpole

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