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It all starts with passion. Passion ignites the fire needed to change the world. We’re changing the way non-profits and businesses share their passion with donors and customers by teaching them how to reach, connect, and engage with the right people. Learn how.

Non-profits and for-profit businesses can benefit from online advertising services from Updentity. Both can harness the power of a $120,000 online advertising grant from search engine leader, Google.

We have a 100% success rate in acquiring the grant for non-profits and we offer a unique solution for both non-profits and businesses to gain mass visibility from the grant. Promote your non-profit or business online with Updentity’s Ad Grants program.

Reach more people.

Businesses can sponsor a non-profit and gain mass visibility for their organization, all while reaping the tax benefits of a charitable contribution.

Let Updentity show you how this sponsorship program is unlike any other around and how your organization can benefit from $10,000 per month in Google online advertising for your business.

Make the connection.

Non-profits and for-profit businesses need to keep their data up to date in order to effectively communicate with donors and customers.

Updentity’s data solution services can help your organization maintain an accurate database for direct mailing, phone calling, and email marketing endeavors.

Engage in more ways.

How does a non-profit promote its passion and tell its story to more people to generate interest, compassion, and support for the cause?

How does a business gain mass visibility and create online branding at a fraction of the cost?

Our Impact Together

Ad Impressions: 91,524,468
Ad Clicks: 1,079,590
Ad Grants Managed: $1,325,586