The Direct Marketing Association of Washington (DMAW) featured an Understanding Unstructured Data and Its Value series written by Updentity CEO, Benjamin Ashpole, and Updentity Software Engineer, Samuel Lawson. The final article in the series discusses data rot and how to combat it. You may notice data rot when emails bounce, mail is returned, or phone numbers no longer reach an individual. The article is available online and titled Understanding Unstructured Data and Its Value: Part III.

Part II was published in the December 2013 edition and titled Understanding Unstructured Data and Its Value: Part II. It discussed how to gain value from data that was originally unstructured. The second article in the series is available by clicking here. The first article in the series discussed unstructured data, what it is, how it differs from structured data, and why it is potentially valuable to organizations. Part I is available as a pdf and can be read by clicking here. All articles are additionally available through a Marketing Advents subscription.


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